About Us

Founded in 2015, Building Tech Team is an engineering, technical, and management consulting services firm based in the San Antonio area. Building Tech Team works with governments and clients in diverse industries to design, construct, and maintain complex and challenging projects. The company is founded on a leadership team with a focus on infrastructure, federal, and construction projects. Whether clients want to invest in new facilities or refurbishment an aging infrastructure, they call on the Building Tech Team to deliver solutions which meet their capital investment requirements.

Building Tech Teams project-execution capabilities provide clients with confidence that the capital projects will be delivered safely, on time, and within budget.

Culture & Environment

The Plan for Proven Results – It’s our guarantee to you; it’s how we approach clients; it’s what makes your projects successful.

Quality Service Guarantee – BTT guarantees quality work on every project, from on-site full-time client representation to single projects on an as-needed basis.

Business Extension Partner – Your project is important. From large to small engagements, we become an integrated part of your team from planning to execution. Our staff is prepared to work on-site as your full-time representation, from single inspection needs to full-team support.

The Foundation for Project Execution – It’s how we provide support; it’s how we get the job done; it’s what provides the back-bone to our service delivery.

Excellence - Our team has hands-on operations and consulting experience to develop and implement programs to ensure your projects meet industry regulations, standards and best practices.

Superior Safety and Training Standards In addition to operating in compliance with OSHA safety standards, BTT goes above and beyond by requiring that all employees be certified according to industry requirements and general safety regulations and receive regular education and training.

The BTT Process – BTT has created and implemented detailed processes and controls in compliance with industry standards. Using a multi-phased approach, each process is specifically geared toward the individual project at hand.

Schedule-Driven Model – We understand that time is money which is why we developed a model that produces results. We have a proven history of helping clients meet deadlines on budget and per plan to achieve specific project goals and objectives.

Client Commitment - BTT prides itself on being responsive to your specific needs. Our service-oriented model guarantees you the utmost assurance that you’ll have a team available 24/7 to support you on your project.

Service with Value beyond providing quality service and expert engineering support, you’ll get services that are priced fairly in comparison to the market options and delivered with above-market value.

Ethics and Compliance - BTT adheres to the “Golden Rule” within our company and when working with our clients. Our team of compliance professionals ensures our programs are implemented in accordance with industry regulations, standards and best practices.