Kingsville Border Patrol Station

(US Customs and Border Protection)

The $32MM Kingsville Border Patrol Complex consists of several buildings which include a Station Building, Vehicle Maintenance, Facility, Warehouse, Kennel, and a Fuel Wash Building. The Station Building is a one-story building with approximately 60,000 sqft. This building housing several office spaces, meeting/training rooms, an exercise room,
armory room, and an evidence storage room. The west portion of the building is used as a multi cell detention center. The Vehicle Maintenance Facility is approximately 28,000 sqft.The Kennel Building is approximately 8,900 sqft. The Kennel consists of several indoor/outdoor Kennels, Office/Storage Area, Wash Area, and Outdoor Exercise Yards. The Warehouse Building is approximately 8,500 sqft.The Fuel/Wash Building is approximately 9,750 sqft.

Each Building on the Complex has its own HVAC system. The HVAC system for the Station Building consists of three central station air handler units and a 100% outside air energy recovery unit located in separate mechanical rooms. The three air handling units serve the main office/training room areas and the outside air unit serves the Detention area. All zones are controlled by terminal units with hot water reheat. Server and communication rooms are serviced by DX computer room air conditioners.

This Station Building also features a 100 kVA photovoltaic array that provides supplemental power to the main station building. The solar panels are mounted on top of the parking canopies adjacent to the building. The photovoltaic array has a 480V 3ph solar inverter located in the main electrical room and the inverter back feeds power to the Station Building distribution system.

Lackland Ambulatory Care Center
(United States Army Corps of Engineers - USACE)
The Lackland Ambulatory Care Center is a new 681,000-sqft facility and 1,000-car parking garage. The $500MM facility houses more than 40 outpatient clinics and services when completed.
Building Tech Team, LLC performed as the government’s Commissioning Authority (CxA). Phillip Guajardo lead a mechanical team and Shane Best lead an electrical team of experts on its latest project at Lackland AFB. The new ambulatory care center is the largest ambulatory care center in the nation.
The building, designed by HDR, was built in phases. JE Dunn constructed Phase 1 and Skanska constructed Phases 2 and 3. Phase 1 consisted of the central energy plant and one clinical building. Phases 2 and 3 completed 3 additional buildings and integrated all system in a single functioning facility. Eventually, Phase 4 will be the demolition of Wilford Hall, which is the original hospital located at Lackland AFB.
Building Tech Team will be on site to participate as an owner’s representative. This final phase of the project will see the original central energy plant and utilities demolished and removed.


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